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Are you writing your own book or planning to publish titles for another author? We can guide you through the process of purchasing and allocating your book with an ISBN and barcode through to how best to promote and distribute it.

Find out more about our solutions below, if you have any questions regarding listing your title on our database please contact our Publisher Help Desk:

If you have an ISBN query email:

Identify your book with an ISBN

The first thing you need to do when you publish your title is to allocate it an ISBN. The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a unique product identifier for books and related material. It is the most important number you will need and aids the listing, discovery and distribution of your books.

While it is not a legal requirement to allocate ISBNs to your books, it is used by publishers, booksellers and libraries for ordering, listing and stock control purposes. The systems they use all rely on the ISBN to identify books ensuring they select and stock the correct title and edition, from the right publisher.

The Nielsen ISBN Agency for UK & Ireland is here to help and support you in the process of purchasing and allocating your ISBNs to your books. The quickest and simplest way to buy your ISBNs is via our ISBN store:

When you first purchase your ISBNs from the Nielsen ISBN Store you will be asked to register. Please keep your username and password safe for the next time you need to make a purchase.

If you would prefer to purchase your ISBNs using our application form, or wish to purchase over 1,000 ISBNs, email:

Generate a barcode
Need a barcode for your book? The Nielsen BookData Barcode Service can create a barcode from your book’s 13-digit ISBN, guaranteeing that it is unique. You can easily purchase barcodes via our online Store.

International publishers wanting to list their titles
Publishers based outside the UK & Ireland who have already purchased ISBNs can provide your contact and publisher prefix details to our Supply Data Team who will verify them and then add them to the Nielsen BookData database. Simply email:

Make your title discoverable

It is important to list your book on the Nielsen BookData database, along with its bibliographic information, as our data feeds other organisations within the industry. By listing your title with us you will ensure that both retail and library customers have pre-publication information for your print and e-books as soon as possible. Booksellers and librarians use our database to search and purchase books.

Our FREE basic listing service allows you to list the bibliographic data required to meet the minimum Book Industry Communication (BIC) Basic Standard. More information on this standard is available on the BIC websiteOur research shows that titles meeting the BIC Basic requirements enjoy double the average sales of books that don’t meet the standard. These and other trends are explored in our Metadata Report which is free to download

Information can be supplied to us in the following ways:


  • Our Title Editor online service
  • ONIX
  • Structured electronic file—this is recommended for larger publishers who have a catalogue of over 200 titles and a development fee may be charged

We recommend independent publishers and self-published authors use our Title Editor service and if you have purchased your ISBNs via the Nielsen ISBN Store you will have already been asked to register.

Title Editor enables you to view and edit your book information, upload new titles and add cover images. The site is free to use and is the quickest way of supplying your data to our database. Check out our how-to training videos.

If you get stuck, forget your login details or would like more information, simply contact our Publisher Help Desk:

Our annual Publisher Seminar

Each year we host our Publisher Seminar for independent publishers and self published authors.

The aim of the day is to explain more about what we do and our services for publishers. We also invite some industry colleagues to join us and this year we were delighted to have presentations from Gardners, Copyright Licensing Agency, Society of Authors and World of Books.

If you would like to access the presentation videos and other useful information: click here


Don’t forget ! Make sure you keep your information up to date, especially any price changes or if your book goes out of print.

The book trade standard is at least five months ahead of your publication date. This is to ensure that retailers have your new product information in time to support your pre-sales marketing activity.

Uploading an image for your book is very important as our research shows that the inclusion of a cover image in the product record has a positive effect on sales. For printed books, it is also important to include the dimensions and weight of the book, as this will help online retailers select the right sized carton for dispatch. For e-books include the file type, for example, epubs, pdf, etc, as this will help the end user identify whether the downloadable file is compatible with their device.

Get in touch

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For price, availability and distribution changes and queries email:

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