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Promote your books digitally

Book2Look enables you to create ‘look inside’ content for your titles and is the chosen solution for Waterstones and


Promote your books digitally
Nielsen Book2Look enables you to create mini websites for your titles with ‘Look Inside’ capabilities and personalised shopping options. It can be customised and shared widely allowing publishers of all sizes to continue to promote and wherever possible sell titles. Use your biblets to:
  • Share on social media platforms including, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Pinterest
  • Easily add video and audio content from YouTube, Vimeo and SoundCloud
  • Add in direct shop links to your preferred retailers or your own website
  • Customise and send to bloggers as well as participating booksellers
  • Receive in-depth analytics and create reports on how your biblets are being viewed and shared across the web

Once biblets have been created for your titles you will have complete control over the continuous editing and sharing capabilities of each biblet. The biblets you create are yours to share and market to help discoverability of your title.

Nielsen BookData will automatically embed your biblets on our bibliographic database for additional exposure. Our Discovery services are used by over 3,500 booksellers and libraries around the world.

Set up

How to set up your biblets


For more information:
Tel: +44 (0)1483 712 200


Resources for retailers:

Please note biblets must be created within a year of purchase. There after they will expire.


A single page spread PDF is all you need to create the ‘look inside’. You can then choose which pages you would like to show.

Yes, you can add unlimited YouTube or Vimeo links to video content and MP3 files or SoundCloud links for audio clips.

The biblets are yours to edit, share and keep for as long as you like. You have one year to create them from the day you purchase them.

They can be shared on social media platforms, on your website as a ‘look inside’ solution, in your email, or given to bloggers to embed alongside a review.

Yes, you only need one biblet per title, and you can add as many formats as you like to the shop cart.

No, there is the option to use an ONIX feed for publishers who purchase large amounts.

We are able to add links to videos from two hosting sites – YouTube and Vimeo.

Yes, from your Book2Look account you can see where your biblet has been embedded, how many time it’s been viewed and clicked on, how many times someone has clicked on the shop cart as well as many other analytical insights.

If you do not have a social media presence or a website you can still share the biblet by email or give it to other people, however it is a digital marketing tool so you may not get the full benefit from it without an online presence.

We automatically embed your biblets on our bibliographic database BookData Online which is viewed by approx 3,500 booksellers. The biblets are also now live on as their ‘look inside’ solution, and on World of Books, Wordery and